How to Rig a Fishing Line for Pier Fishing

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Pier fishing offers an alternative to fishing on the shore which gives a fisherman the advantage of deeper water which likely holds more fish. Having the proper rig for pier fishing is paramount if you wish to catch more than trash fish and this article will tell you just what you just what you need to catch redfish, trout, sheepshead and a host of other species.

Items you will need

  • Roll of fluorocarbon leader (15# test works well)

  • Circle Hooks (size depends on species targeted)

  • Swivels (15#)

  • Variety of Egg sinkers

Slip the egg sinker onto the fishing line.

Tie the swivel to the tag end of the line so that it keeps the weight on the line.

Cut a length of leader material around 18 inches long.

Tie the length of leader to the swivel.

Illustration of a large carolina rig used for snapper, grouper etc.

Tie the hook to the opposite end of the leader.


  • This rig is known as a "redfish" or Carolina rig and works well for many saltwater species as well as bass. Use only enough weight to get you to the bottom and keep the line in place.
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