How to Replace RV Siding

How to Replace RV Siding

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Recreational vehicles are exposed to many outside factors that may damage its siding. Whether it is rocks launched from underneath the tire or branches. Over time dents and visible deformations will require a siding to be removed. The metal sheets that form the siding do not have to be taken off all at once, you may replace just the damaged ones. These sheets are commonly made of aluminum. Given the size of these sheets, this is a project that has to include at least two people.

Items you will need

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Crowbar

  • Putty knife

  • Hammer

  • Marker

  • Tin snips

  • Hole saw

  • Staple gun

  • Flat pliers

  • Putty tape

Step 1

Remove all the frames on the sides and on the top of the siding, using a screwdriver or a crowbar.

Step 2

Take a flathead screwdriver and remove all the lights on the siding. Pry open the light lens and unscrew the light bulb by a quarter of a turn.

Step 3

Move to the side and remove the staples holding the metal sheet that was folded and stapled over the edge. Do this using a flathead screwdriver or a crowbar. Insert a putty knife under the folded metal sheet and tap on it with a hammer. You need to straighten the metal sheet. Repeat this on all corners of the siding.

Step 4

Mark the holes on the sheets where the lights used to be with a marker.

Step 5

Remove the staples along the metal sheet with the crowbar. Get someone to help you hold the sheets as you pull them down. Do this with every sheet that you wish to replace.

Step 6

Lay the new sheets on the ground. Place the sheet with the holes for the light on it and mark the location of these holes on the new sheet, using a marker. Mark also the proper size of the sheet, using the old sheet as a template.

Step 7

Adjust the shape of the new sheet, using tin snips. Take a hole saw and cut out the holes for the light on the marked spots.

Step 8

Lift the new sheet and staple it to the RV, at the exact location where the former sheet used to be. The lower, folded part of every sheet is stapled along the edges and at every vertical stud in the wall.

Step 9

Place the next sheet into that bottom folded edge of the latter one and staple it. Fold the last metal sheet under the RV wall, using flat pliers, and staple it along the edges.

Step 10

Screw in the light bulb and place back the lens. Fix the light assembly with a screwdriver. Return the side and top frames, using a putty tape.


  • Be careful not to damage the undamaged metal sheets when using the crowbar and the putty knife.
  • Be careful when handling these sheets, as they are sharp and large and can cause injuries.
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