How to Remove Seats in a Ranger Boat

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Removing the seats in Ranger boats is a simple mechanical process, but locating and removing the hardware is sometimes tedious. The hardware is intentionally hidden for practical and aesthetic reasons. There are only a few different configurations, because most Ranger boat seats are interchangeable and have similar hardware and installation processes.

Locate the Hardware

Begin by locating the hardware that fastens your seats to the boat. Check the seat base for screws that are recessed inside the carpet. Also look for plastic covers that hide screw and bolt heads. On models with seats that lift, the hardware is often located within the compartment. On many models, you will fold down the center seat to access the back panel; additional screws are found behind the removable backrest padding.

Remove the Hardware

Phillips-head screws are commonly used for securing seats, and a drill with a matching bit will quickly remove the screws. Some models use bolts, and you will need a socket wrench with the matching socket to remove the hardware. Remove all hardware, and gently lift the seat to ensure the entire piece is unattached. You may find hidden hardware on the initial lift.

Removing the Seats

Recruit a friend to assist with seat removal. The seats are awkward to lift and carry out of the boat. Multiple people will protect the seats and the boat from damage. Lift the seat upward at an even rate to remove it from the boat, and set each seat aside in a safe and dry location.

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