How to Replace RV Curtains

by Carla Locke
New curtains can spruce up your RV.

New curtains can spruce up your RV.

Whether you wish to update the style in your RV or you have just purchased a used RV, replacing the curtains does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. Much like replacing the curtains in your home, it is important that your RV curtains are made of the proper fabric and are the correct size. Coordinating your curtains with your RV decor will make your RV inviting and homey.

Determine the Curtain Size

  1. Take down and measure the existing curtains, if they are still hanging.

  2. Measure the window, if the old curtains are not available.

  3. Double the window width to determine the total width of fabric you need. Divide this figure in half if you are making 2 panels to cover the window. Add 3/4 inch to all sides to allow for the hem. Add 6 inches to the height measurement to allow for a 3-inch rod pocket.

Prepare the Fabric

  1. Purchase lined upholstery fabric from your local fabric store. If upholstery fabric is too expensive, consider using shower curtains, table cloths or sheets for fabric. Often these items are inexpensive and can be cut to make several matching curtains.

  2. Cut the fabric to the panel size determined in Section 1.

  3. Sew a piece of plain white fabric to the backs of the fabric pieces if you cannot find lined fabric, Place the wrong sides of the liner fabric and the curtain together and pin them. Sew all sides of the liner fabric to the curtain fabric, leaving a 1/4-inch seam.

Finish and Hang the Curtains

  1. Place the fabric with the lined side facing up, measure and iron a 1/4-inch fold on all sides of the fabric.

  2. Measure and iron another 1/4-inch fold to hide the edge of the fabric.

  3. Sew the edge of the folded fabric to create the hem.

  4. Place the fabric with the lined side facing up. Measure, fold and iron the top of the fabric down 3 inches to create the rod pocket.

  5. Sew the edge of the folded fabric to secure the rod pocket.

  6. Slide the curtain rod through the rod pockets of each panel. Place the curtain rod back into the holder, so the lined side of the panel faces out.

Items you will need

  • Lined upholstery fabric or unlined fabric and plain white fabric for lining
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Velcro (optional)


  • Add a piece of Velcro to the curtains to help keep them closed.
  • To avoid making the rod pocket, use curtain rod clips to hang the curtain. For a no-sew option, fabric glue also can be used to create the hem and rod pocket.
  • If you purchase your fabric from a fabric store, have the store associates cut the fabric for you.
  • If your RV curtains do not hang on rods, and have other means of attachment, do not measure fabric for the rod pocket. Hem the fabric all the way around, and use the appropriate hardware to attach your curtains. Purchase hardware at your local RV dealer or online.
  • Use lined upholstery fabric to ensure privacy inside your RV.
  • If you like to filter the light in your RV, and keep the curtains from flapping around, consider installing your curtains with a rod at the bottom and the top. If you do this, allow enough extra fabric to make a rod pocket at the bottom of the curtain, too.

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