How to Replace the Battery for a RD30 Red Dot Scope

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The BSA RD30 is a single-power, red-dot scope with a 30 mm objective lens. The scope is designed for quick engagement of targets and close to medium range. The scope is lightweight and equipped with weaver style scope rings for quick and easy mounting on a rail scope mount. The red dot is adjustable for brightness and can be sighted in for windage and elevation. The RD30 is powered by a single three-volt lithium battery, which is included with the scope.

Items you will need

  • Three volt lithium battery (Duracell model DL2032, Sunrise model CR2032, or Energizer model ECR2032)

Unscrew the cap located on top of the brightness adjustment dial with the coin or screwdriver. A slot for this purpose is cut across the surface.

Remove the sight's dead battery and replace it with a three-volt lithium battery. Place the battery in a compartment with the positive ("+") side facing upward. Screw the cap back on securely.

Test the battery by turning the adjustment dial to any setting, apart from zero, and looking through the scope. You'll see the red dot if the battery is operational. After you've tested the battery, turn the brightness adjustment dial back to zero, shutting off the scope.

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