How to Turn on BSA Red Dot Scope

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The BSA Red Dot Scope is a device that attaches to a gun and helps improve your aim. The Red Dot Scope has several intensity settings that allow you to operate the sight at a level that is comfortable for you. Once attached to the gun, the battery operated device needs to be switched on in order to operate. It is very simple to turn on your scope. When you look into the scope, the center is highlighted, allowing for more accurate aim.

    Turn the scope so that the bottom is facing up.

    Twist the battery cover, pull it off of the scope, insert the batteries with the positive side facing upward and replace the battery cover.

    Turn the rheostat knob to the right to turn on the reticle sight. The rheostat is the large knob on the top of the scope with numbers etched on the lower portion of the knob. The reticle brightens the farther you turn the rheostat to the right, and dims when you turn it to the left. The settings are numbered 0-10.


    • Shut off the sight by turning the rheostat to the left until it rests on "0."

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