How to Replace a Leer Camper Shell Seal

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Leer manufactures a variety of camper shells for pickup trucks. These are generally used to keep the truck bed enclosed for cargo, or for other uses such as camping or turning the truck's bed into a spot to rest on a long road trip. The camper shell is typically secured to the truck via a weather seal or gasket. Over time, the camper shell seal can become worn or weathered and need repair or replacement.

Items you will need

  • Utility knife

  • Cleaning solvent (adhesive remover)

  • Rags

  • Roll-on (peel-away or self-sticking) foam rubber seal

Remove your camper shell. This process will vary widely depending on the style of camper shell that you have. Consult your manual or a Leer dealer for removal instructions.

Flip the camper shell upside down. Pull the old seal off of the camper and the bed frame. Typically, you can remove this by pulling the old seal off or using a sharp utility knife to cut the bulk of it away. Use caution to not damage the bed frame or the shell if using a knife.

Apply glue cleaning solvent to remove the adhesive residue and remaining seal from both the camper shell and the truck bed. Scrub the residue with the solvent until it is completely removed.

Clean and wipe dry the camper shell perimeter and the truck bed frame. Ensure that both surfaces where the seal will be placed are free from any excess cleaning solvent, oil, dirt or debris.

Choose a starting side. Roll on the seal starting at the door end of the camper, heading toward the back (cab area). Push down firmly as you roll on the seal, and stay centered. Cut the seal when you reach the end. Repeat for the back (closest to the cab) and opposite side. Ensure that all three sections of seal are set flush next to each other.


  • Use caution when cutting with sharp utility knives.


  • The rear (door) of the camper shell will not need a perimeter seal.
  • Have your Leer camper seal professionally installed to ensure optimal performance.
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