How to Replace the Rear Safety Glass Door on a Leer Camper Shell

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A Leer camper shell not only provides a cover for cargo, it can also protect the truck bed from the elements and be used for roadside camping when no shelter is available. Leer produces a variety of these camper shells, and all are customized to fit a specific truck bed. Over time, the rear glass door of the camper shell can become worn or ruined if struck by a rock. When this occurs, replacing the door is the only option. Though all of Leer's camper shell doors vary in design, they have universal qualities.

Items you will need

  • 1/4-inch socket ratchet

  • Replacement door

Open the rear door by turning the locking knob or knobs and raise it up. Note that all models will vary in the way they are opened.

Lower the tailgate. Climb inside the bed and look at the seam where the camper shell meets the rear door. Locate the bolts that secure the door to the camper shell. Depending on the model, there may be four to six bolts near the hinges.

Instruct a friend to hold the door in place securely. Unscrew the bolts using a 1/4-inch socket ratchet. Remove the door from the camper shell.

Instruct your friend to hold the replacement door up to the camper shell in the same manner as he did when you removed the old door. Install the bolts using the 1/4-inch socket ratchet.

Close the tailgate. Lower and raise the door to check for proper operation and adequate fit.


  • Use caution if using your camper shell as a shelter. Do not park on the side of the road and attempt to camp out unless allowed by law.


  • Safety glass doors are slightly more expensive but provide better security from flying debris.
  • Contact a Leer representative for customized parts if needed.
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