How to Replace Carpet on a Tracker Boat

How to Replace Carpet on a Tracker Boat

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If you're ready to get rid of that old moldy carpet in your Tracker, you can--literally--lift the flooring out to make the change, then replace it with new carpet. The only problem you might face is that the old carpet may have been glued to the boat's deck panels. If not, all you need to do is is remove that old carpeting and put in new carpeting. You'll need a few things, and part of a weekend afternoon, but it's worth the effort. If you start early enough, you might even be boating the same day.

Items you will need

  • Marine carpet

  • Jack knife

  • Putty knife

  • Marine carpet adhesive

Unroll the new piece of carpet and allow it to "relax." Slip the blade of your jack knife under the edge of the decking and lift the edge, then grasp and remove the decking.

Turn the section of decking over and remove the staples from the carpet that's folded over the edges of the decking. Turn the section of decking back over and pull the carpet off of the decking. Use a putty knife to remove the old carpet, if necessary.

Lay the marine carpet face down on a flat surface and lay the decking in the center of it. Cut the carpet with a utility knife, so that it's about 2 inches larger than the decking.

Remove the decking from the carpet, and apply marine carpet adhesive to the top surface of the decking. Lay the new carpet on the decking, using your putty knife to work the carpet into the adhesive.

Turn the decking over and turn one edge of the carpet over the edge of, and under the bottom of, the decking. Staple the edge of the carpet to the bottom of the decking with a commercial staple gun. Rotate the decking to the left, so that you can turn the next edge of the carpet under the bottom of the decking and staple it in place. Continue until all of the edges of the carpet are stapled to the bottom of the decking.

Lay the completed section of deck back into place. Remove another section of decking and repeat. Continue until all the carpeting in the boat is replaced.


  • Marine carpet adhesive gives off fumes as part of its drying process. Use it in a well-ventilated area.


  • Marine carpet adhesive is specifically formulated for a marine environment, just as marine carpet is specially designed for the marine environment (unlike indoor/outdoor carpet). Use the proper goods or risk having to replace the carpet as often as every season.
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