How to Repel Canadian Geese

Canadian geese are beautiful when they are flying in an almost perfect V formation, but they can also be a major problem when they begin to land and nest in your yard. They can cause major damage to crops, and that's without mentioning the droppings they leave all over your roof and car. Still, there are ways to repel Canadian geese, and they don't all involve shooting them.

Outside of killing the animals, which may or may not be legal in your area, the most effective way to repel Canadian geese is to make your yard a less inviting place. This means adding things to your yard, scaring the birds away routinely and, most importantly, not feeding the geese.

You can first try to scare the birds in hopes of them leaving and not returning. Fireworks are a good place to start but if they are not legal to use in your area an air horn can also do the trick. You should use the noises as soon as the geese arrive in your yard. Audio CD's with geese distress calls are also available and can be very effective.

You can also try to keep the geese from landing in the first place. Try putting up a predator decoy such as a fake wolf or coyote, but, if this doesn't work, hang brightly colored streamers or reflective tape in the area. There are also some repellents you can purchase that deter geese from feeding in that area.

If these other steps fail your best bet is to take matters into your own hands, literally. Try scaring the birds away yourself by waving a large multicolored flag or using a hose. Herding dogs such as a Shetland Sheepdog can also be very effective as they will chase the geese in an attempt to round them up rather than kill them.


  • Some geese can become hostile around humans so be cautious in your attempts to scare them away and never let small children approach the geese.