How to Repair a Spigot Leak on an Igloo Cooler

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Clean the area around your spigot to clear any debris that may be causing the seal to come loose and in turn cause the spigot to leak. Check to be sure that the spigot is securely attached to the cooler. Replacement spigots are available directly from Igloo if cleaning does not solve the problem.

Items you will need

  • Soft towel

  • Replacement spigot

Use a soft towel to clean any debris where the spigot joins the cooler.

Tighten the seal around the spigot to make sure it is secure.

Clear any debris that may be inside the spigot.

Purchase a replacement spigot from Igloo, if cleaning or tightening doesn't work. The standard spigot fits all 1,2,3,5,&10 coolers.

Unscrew the gasketnut and remove the old spigot.

Place the new spigot through the coooler and screw down the gasket nut.

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