How to Repair a Ritchie Compass

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Ritchie Navigation produces a series of compasses and nautical navigation equipment. Some of the Ritchie compasses may be repaired in the field providing you have the replacement parts or tools. Other models, such as the X-15 and X-21 are not designed to be worked on by anything other than certified technicians. If you have a model other than those listed, try a few simple repair tips to bring it back into working order.

Slide the flat end of the butter knife under the edge of the housing, just to the left of the name Ritchie on the edge of the compass. Lift up the housing and remove.

Pull out the old light wire, should the illumination not be working on the Ritchie compass. Slide the new illumination wire into the slot and push the housing back onto the compass until you hear the tell-tale "snap" indicating the housing has secured into position.

Pop the housing off and remove the bezel -- the striated circle surrounding the compass arrows -- and place the new one into the housing. Push the top of the housing back on until you hear a snap

Place one drop of 3-in-1 oil onto each hinge and screw on the exterior of the compass should rust and corrosion prevent the hinge from moving or working. Wipe away any excess oil with the chamois cloth.


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