How to Repair a Pellet Gun

How to Repair a Pellet Gun

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Pellet rifles are very durable. But sooner or later, they have to be repaired. Whether it's a stubborn pellet stuck in the barrel or springs that are starting to rust, you must take it apart. While disassembling your weapon is fairly easy, you should be careful opening it up, as the pressurized springs could fly out. If your gun has been acting up lately, than it's time to clean or repair it.

Items you will need

  • Rifle cleaning kit

Step 1

Make sure the pellet rifle is unloaded and not cocked. This will prevent injuries from accidental shots.

Step 2

Run the bristle brush--included in your gun cleaning kit--through the barrel. This should remove any pellets stuck inside the barrel or the hammer. While you're at it, get every bit of grime out of the inside, as this can also cause problems.

Step 3

Remove the screws on the base of the rifle to reveal the inside hammer. If there is anything stuck in there, pull it out. Lubricate everything after you make your repairs.

Step 4

Replace all the parts, making sure everything is in its proper place.

Step 5

Shoot a cotton pellet through the barrel. These are available on pellet gun retailer websites such as, and they are extremely helpful in removing grime.

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