How to Install a Shotgun Choke Tube

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Shotgun choke tubes are used to select the type of pattern that will be produced from the shot leaving the barrel of the shotgun. Tubes are made of steel and are either blued to match the finish of the gun or left unfinished. The tube's inside design, either a small or larger opening, determines the amount of spread to the fired shot. Hunters use tubes to control the shot in various conditions and for different hunting and shooting situations.

Items you will need

  • Tube lube

  • Tube wrench

  • Towel or rag

Thoroughly wipe the choke tube with a clean towel or rag. Remove all debris and dirt that could interfere with the threading of the tube.

Apply a small amount of tube lube to the threads of the choke tube. This will not only help with threading and inserting the tube into the barrel of the gun but also keep the tube from freezing or becoming stuck in the barrel.

Wipe the threads on the inside of the shotgun barrel with a clean rag or cloth to remove any residue, debris or even dirt. This may also affect the threading of a tube.

Finger-tighten the tube into the threads of the barrel. Take care that the tube is not cross-threaded, which will damage the threads both on the tube and in the gun.

Finish the installation by thoroughly tightening the tube with a choke tube wrench. A loose tube can cause the wadding of a shotgun shell to hang and lead to potential problems during firing.


  • Overtightening the choke tube can cause the tube to lock or freeze in place inside the barrel. The heat of a barrel can cause an overtightened tube to be locked in place to the point of requiring a gunsmith to remove it.


  • When tightening the choke tube with a wrench, do not overtighten. Tighten the tube only enough to sufficiently lock it in place. Remember, you'll have to remove the tube at some point.
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