Repair of Double Images in Bushnell Binoculars

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Whether you enjoy bird watching, or you're just trying to watch a crucial third-down play during a football game from the nose-bleed section, it's always good to have a trusty pair of binoculars at the ready. Bushnell Performance Optics has been manufacturing binoculars and rifle scopes for over 50 years. Setting and focusing Bushnell binoculars is a process that each individual has to do, because everyone's vision differs some. The appearance of double images in the binoculars is a sign that the interpupillary distance needs to be set on the binoculars.

    Remove the lens caps of the binoculars and set them aside.

    Hold the binoculars up to standard viewing position in front of the eyes.

    Grasp the barrels of each side of the binoculars in each hand.

    Firmly move the barrels apart or together until there is a single field of vision.


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