How to Repair Leki Trekking Poles

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Two common repairs that Leki trekking pole users can perform with household tools and replacement parts are the replacing of broken Flextips, and the replacing of worn expanders. Repair or replacement of other parts, including pole sections and hand grips, require special-order new parts or returning the poles to Leki.

Items you will need

  • Table vise or channel lock pliers

  • Screwdriver (optional)

Replacing Leki Flextips

Step 1

Remove the plastic disk, or "basket," from the Flextip by pushing down with the thumbs and sliding off the end of the tip. A screwdriver or other prying device may be used if the basket cannot be freed by hand.

Step 2

Knock the Flextip off the bottom pole section using the table vise or channel lock pliers. Adjust the jaws of the vise or channel lock pliers so that they are wider than the lower pole section, but smaller than the diameter of the Flextip. Use the tool to repeatedly strike the tops of the Flextip until it pops off the end of the lower pole section. The Flextip is press-fit, using no fasteners or adhesives.

Step 3

Press the basket from the old Flextip onto the new Flextip. It will snap into place near the top of the Flextip. Be sure that the concave side of the basket is facing the ground when in use.

Step 4

Tighten all the pole sections to ensure that the pole is rigid. Push the new Flextip onto the ends of the lower pole section. Grasp the pole firmly, and strike the point of the Flextip against the ground to seat it in place on the end of the lower pole section.

Replacing Leki Expanders

Step 1

Loosen the pole sections by turning them as you would to loosen a nut and bolt. Pull the pole sections apart--if the expander binds at the pole opening, turn the pole sections until the section with the expander pulls free.

Step 2

The expander is the plastic part on the end of the smaller pole section. It is color coded by type and size. Remove the worn expander by unscrewing it from the threaded post on the end of the pole section. If the expander is not threaded and captured by the post assembly, snap it off the post sideways.

Step 3

Install the new expander by either screwing it onto the threaded post or snapping it onto the smooth post.

Step 4

Grasp the new expander, and turn the pole to adjust the diameter of the expander so that it is just small enough to fit back into the larger pole section. Insert the smaller pole section in the larger pole section, and turn the pole sections to tighten.


  • If the new expander still does not bind against the inside of the pole section, the inside of the pole section may be contaminated with dirt, oil or rust. Clean the inside of the pole section and reassemble.


  • Christian Smith; manager; Summit Hut; Tucson, Arizona; 520-888-1000

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