How to Rent a Boat Trailer

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If you need to transport your boat, such as from your house to the marina or vice-versa, you'll need a boat trailer. Rather than bearing the cost of buying a trailer, though, you can rent one from marine sales and supply companies that operate a rental business. Renting a trailer can be the more economical option if you do not need to regularly move your boat from one location to another.

Type and Size of Boat

Before you can research trailer rental options, you need to gather all of the relevant information about your boat. The most important aspects are the length, width and weight of the boat that will be transported. Remeber that the weight you use for the boat should include any accessories that will be on the boat when you transport it. If you don’t already know these dimensions, check the paperwork that came with the boat when it was purchased. Alternatively, you can contact the company where you bought the boat or the manufacturer.

The Right Trailer

Choosing a trailer that is inferior or the wrong size can put your boat in jeopardy, along with the safety of the other vehicles on the road. Most important is the number of axles that the trailer will have. Single-axle trailers, which are usually easier to maneuver, can be safely used on boats that are 22 feet or smaller. Larger boats require multiple axles.

Additional aspects to consider are the trailer’s lights, tires, material of frame, type of brakes, roller, wiring and the bunk. The latter is where the boat sits during transport. The more you can familiarize yourself with these variables, the better choice you will make when choosing a trailer to rent.

Finding a Rental

Locating a trailer to rent should be somewhat easy, especially if you are in a region where there are a lot of boating sports and activity. Many marine sales and supply companies also rent trailers. Contact the local boating sales companies in your area; if they do not rent trailers, then they will likely be able to refer you to a company that does. You may also want to check with marina where you dock your boat because the workers are likely to be familiar with all types of boating services in the surrounding area. An online search will also provide you with a number of retailers that offer trailer services. Check the reputation and safety practices of the business from where you decide to rent the trailer. Call the company and double-check what paperwork you'll need to present at the time you rent, such as proof of insurance.

Plan in Advance

One way to save money on your rental is to reserve the trailer several months in advance, if possible. Beating the rush can also help to ensure that you can rent the exact trailer that you want. For example, if you will need to transport the boat at the beginning of the beach season in May, find a trailer rental service and reserve the trailer in February or March. If you were satisfied with the service, then reserve the same trailer immediately for the return trip in August or September.


  • You can always hire a service to tow your boat for you. Shop around for the best price and make sure the company you choose is experienced at transporting boats. Fully check your contract so that there are no surprise fees once the boat has been delivered.

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