How to Remove RV Caulk

There comes a time when you're up on the roof of your RV and you notice that age and mother nature have taken their toll. The UV rays, rain, wind and hail can cause the caulk on the roof to dry up and crack. If the caulking is replaced you can prevent future leaks and save yourself a bill for repairing the interior and/or roof. Removing old caulking is an easy project that you can do at home.

Remove your shoes to prevent any damage to the roof of the RV.

Climb up on the roof. Be sure to use caution and stay as far from the edges as possible.

Scrape off the old caulking using the plastic dry wall scraper. The caulking will come off in chunks or one long string.

Use the utility knife to get in the small cracks you cannot reach with the scraper. Be careful not to cut a hole in the roof.

Wash the area with soap and water to clean off all the remaining dust from the caulking.


  • Let the roof air dry before applying new caulking.


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