How to Remove the Front Sight From a Remington 700

How to Remove the Front Sight From a Remington 700

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The Remington model 700 rifle is a weapon that has been in production for nearly half a century. According to Remington Arms, this rifle is said to be the most popular and most accurate factory built rifle in the history of American firearms. Whether this statement is true or not is really up to the shooter and his preferences. The weapon comes with standard ramp rear sights and a removable front sight post, with pre-machined holes for adding optical sights. Removing a Remington 700 front sight is a standard drifting procedure, and should be done with appropriate gunsmith tools.

Items you will need

  • Sight pushing tool (drift)

  • Plastic tap-hammer

  • Plastic screwdriver

  • Padded gun vise

Unload the weapon completely. Visually inspect the chamber to ensure that no live ammunition is present.

Clamp the rifle securely in a padded gun vise. Ensure that the rifle sight is upright and easily accessible for you to work.

Hold the drift onto the sight at the left side. Lightly tap the sight out using a plastic tap-hammer. This will remove the sight base and expose two screws securing the sight into position.

Remove the two screws with a plastic screwdriver, then the sight post/blade will drop off.


  • Do not attempt to remove the sight screws using a metal screwdriver. This will mar the screw and ruin the weapon's finish, which may cause corrosion.
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