How to Disassemble a 30/30 Marlin

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The lever action 30/30 Marlin rifle is a classic firearm. You will occasionally need to disassemble the rifle for cleaning. Marlin offers a 30/30 in many different models, but you disassemble each rifle in the same way. You can disassemble a 30/30 Marlin with nothing but a screwdriver.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

Unload the rifle and ensure that the chamber is empty. Engage the rifle safety. Perform this safety measure before you begin working with any firearm.

Open the lever partially. Use a screwdriver to remove the lever screw. The lever screw is the small, flathead screw located where the lever meets the stock of the rifle.

Pull the bolt out of the back of the rifle. With the lever detached the bolt will easily slide out.

Reach inside the slot located on the left side of the rifle receiver. Pull the ejector from the slot.


  • Reassemble your Marlin rifle by following the above steps in reverse.


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