How to Remove the Firing Pin From a SIG P226

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The SIGARMS P226 is a high-quality, short-recoil pistol chambered in 9-by-19 parabellum, .40-caliber S&W, .357 Magnum and .22 LR. The pistol has several safety features that protect the user from accidental discharge such as the firing pin block mechanism and decocking lever. As with all weapons, problems may arise from time to time. The firing pin may become worn or broken and will need replacement. Removing the SIG P226 firing pin can be accomplished with little difficulty.

Items you will need

  • Padded gun vise

  • 1/8-inch roll pin punch

  • Nylon hammer

Remove the magazine. Pull the slide to the rear. Visually inspect the chamber to ensure that no live ammunition is present.

Pull the slide to the rear. Engage the slide lock upward to hold the slide in the rear position.

Push the takedown lever downward with your thumb (rotate clockwise) until it is in the vertical position. Pull the slide slightly to the rear to disengage the slide lock. Push the slide forward and off the weapon frame.

Turn the slide upside down. Push down on the recoil spring and guide rod. Pull up and slowly release tension to remove the recoil spring and guide rod. Pull the barrel up and out of the slide.

Secure the slide in a padded gun vise. Ensure that the inner and outer roll pins (located under the rear sight on the side of the slide) are accessible to work.

Knock out the inner and outer roll pins using a 1/8-inch roll pin punch and nylon hammer. Knock out the inner pin first, then the outer pin.

Take off the breech-block from the slide. This will slide out from under the front sight after the inner and outer pins are removed.

Push the firing pin forward. Pull out the firing pin safety lock and safety lock spring from the side of the breech-lock. Pull off the safety lock spring from the safety lock. Remove the firing pin and firing pin spring from the breech-lock.

Pull and turn clockwise (simultaneously) the firing pin spring from the firing pin. The firing pin is now removed and ready for maintenance or replacement.


  • Never attempt maintenance on a loaded firearm.
  • Never point the SIG P226 in an unsafe direction at any time.


  • Note that the inner and outer roll pins are not reusable. These must be replaced after they are driven out by the punch.
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