How to Disassemble a Smith & Wesson SW9VE

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The Smith & Wesson Model SW9VE is a handgun used by military and police agencies, as well as by individual owners around the world. The pistol is chambered for the 9 mm round, and holds 16 cartridges in the clip, plus one in the chamber. Like any firearm, it is important to know how to disassemble your SW9VE in order to perform routine cleaning and maintenance.

Eject the magazine from the pistol grip and pull back the slide. Inspect the firing chamber to ensure there are no cartridges loaded.

Release the slide, then point the firearm in a safe direction and pull the trigger to ensure the weapon is no longer in the firing position.

Pull the slide back slightly, then pull down on the two take-down latches on both sides of the pistol frame. Keep the latches down and push the slide all the way forward and off the frame.

Turn the slide over, then pull the spring up and out.

Push the barrel forward slightly in the slide, then lift it up and pull it backwards out of the slide.

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