How to Remove a Camper Shower

How to Remove a Camper Shower

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If you have a leak in your camper's shower pan, or somewhere else in the plumbing leading into the shower, you may need to remove the entire enclosure to troubleshoot the situation. Also, you may want to remove the shower to install an upgraded enclosure. If you are noticing signs of a leak -- dripping from the bottom of the camper at unexpected times, signs of moisture on the lower wall around the shower -- you want to move sooner rather than later, to avoid the development of mold and decay in your camper.

Items you will need

  • Pry bar

  • Caulk removal tool

  • Needlenose pliers

Step 1

Use the caulk removal tool to work out the caulk between your enclosure and the walls of the camper. The end of this tool is usually shaped like a triangle; use the points of the triangle to dig out the caulk.

Step 2

Take out the shower head and spigots leading into the shower. Refer to your manufacturer's instruction manual for this part, as the process can vary widely.

Step 3

Slide the pry bar in between the enclosure and the walls to work any glue or other adhesive loose.

Step 4

Remove the drain. On some models, you can turn the ring around the drain with your hand counterclockwise to loosen it and pull the drain out. Other models have an "X" in the center of the drain. You can slide needlenose pliers into the "X" and turn the whole drain counterclockwise; there is also a special tool available for this that you can buy at RV specialty stores and some home improvement retailers.

Step 5

Pull the shower enclosure out once the drain has been removed. Set any gaskets aside if you want to preserve them; if you want to replace them, note their location.

Step 6

Remove any screws holding the shower pan in place and pull the pan out. Check for any signs of deterioration or oxidation; these can lead to leaks in the system.

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