How to Drain Gas Out of a Ski-Doo Without a Hose

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It's not something Ski-Doo owners intend to do, but invariably snowmobiles get stored away for the summer with gasoline in the tank. The end result when winter returns, is that the Ski-Doo does not want to start or run properly on old gas. Using a cut section of hose as an impromptu siphon is one option for draining out the dormant fuel, if you don't mind running the risk of getting a mouthful of old, nasty gasoline. There are two alternative ways to drain the gas tank on the Ski-Doo. One is the use of a siphon tube and hand-pump kit. The other is to remove the gas tank altogether and drain it manually. If you opt to remove the gas tank entirely, having an assistant will be helpful.

Items you will need

  • Siphon and hand pump kit

  • Gas can

  • Drip pan

  • Gas additive

  • Socket set

Siphon and Hand Pump

Step 1

Assemble the siphon and hand pump kit. These kits are sold at most auto parts stores. Follow the directions on the individual packaging of the kit you purchase for assembly, as these kits do differ slightly from brand to brand.

Step 2

Open the gas tank on your Ski-Doo and set the gas cap aside.

Step 3

Place one end of the hand pump tubing into the gas tank and place the other inside the gas can or drip pan.

Step 4

Squeeze the hand pump. Drain and transfer the old gas out of the Ski-Doo gas tank into the gas can or drip pan.

Step 5

Refill the Ski-Doo with fresh gas and a fuel additive.

Gas Tank Removal

Step 1

Reach into the tunnel on the Ski-Doo and remove the two bolts holding the seat into place with a socket set.

Step 2

Lift up on the rear of the seat and then slide it backwards and off.

Step 3

Locate the two bolts holding the fuel tank straps in place and then remove them with the socket set.

Step 4

Lift the fuel tank, with the help of your assistant, from the Ski-Doo body. Remove the gas cap and tilt and drain the fuel out.

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