How to Remove the Bolt From a Remington Model 600

The Remington Model 600 is a bolt-action rifle manufactured by Remington Arms Co. It is offered with a wood Monte Carlo stock and has a 3+1 shot capacity. This means that the rifle can hold three rounds in the internal magazine and one round in the chamber. Take-down for cleaning requires the removal of the bolt. Here, you will find out how to remove it for easier cleaning.

Check to make sure your rifle is unloaded.

Depress the safety to unlock the bolt, raise the bolt handle, and pull it rearward.

Turn the rifle on its right side and look for the bolt stop on the left inside of the receiver.

Depress the the bolt stop using the flathead screwdriver and pull the bolt out of the rifle.


  • Never attempt to disassemble a loaded weapon. Doing so can result in serious injury, damage to the weapon or property.


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