How to Remove Boat Carpeting

How to Remove Boat Carpeting

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No floor covering takes a beating like boat carpeting, and it is perhaps the toughest carpet on the market. Designed to withstand water, salt and sun, marine grade carpeting will eventually reach the point where it has seen better days. If you've decided to replace your boat carpeting but don't know where to start, rest assured it's an easy process that can be completed in an hour or two.

Items you will need

  • Putty knife Sand paper

Lift the edge of your boat carpet by gently prying up a corner, using a putty knife and being careful not to gouge the floor beneath.

Grasp the loosened edge of carpeting and pull upwards. Boat carpeting is installed with marine grade adhesive, so you will hear a ripping sound as the carpet releases from the glue. Work your way along one edge until an entire side is free.

Pull up the carpet, grabbing it by the sides and working your way around the perimeter until it is completely freed from the floor. Roll the carpet up and set it aside.

Examine the floor for any high spots of marine adhesive that might remain and sand the spots down, being careful not to damage the flooring.

Sweep up any dirt and residue remaining on the floor and clean the area with a standard floor cleaner. You are now ready to install your new marine grade carpeting.


  • Keep the carpet you pulled up to use as a template when cutting your new boat carpet.
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