How to Remove the Battery Cap on a Bushnell Scope

How to Remove the Battery Cap on a Bushnell Scope

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Bushnell's illuminated rifle scopes use a laser or light-emitting diode that provides better aim in low light conditions. Some scopes project a beam or lighted dot on the target; others illuminate the scope's internal retical. Batteries are depleted quickly, depending on model, design and frequency of use. This is particularly true of laser models.

Items you will need

  • Gun vise

  • Duct or electrical tape

  • Regular screwdriver

Unload the firearm and place it in the gun vise.

Locate the three caps on the barrel of the scope. The battery cap might be in front or in back of the windage and elevation-adjustment screw caps; the battery cap will be larger than the other two on most models. The battery cap is set atop a graduated dial -- used to adjust the intensity of the light -- on some models.

Cover the tip of the screwdriver with tape to avoid damaging the battery cap.

Insert the screwdriver in the slot on the battery cap. Turn the slot counterclockwise to loosen, and finish unscrewing the cap with your fingers.


  • Carry a short screwdriver, covered with tape, and a spare battery. Be prepared if the battery suddenly goes dead.
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