How to Remove an Armrest in an RV

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RV chairs, the captain's chairs found in some cabins or the chairs in the driving cab, typically have arm rests. Many of these arm rests retract or are on a lever so you can move them up or down. Those that are not so equipped, may get in the way of driving or other activities. Remove the arm rests in the RV with some hand tools and 15 minutes of time. After removing the arm rests, be sure to store them in a place you will remember should you wish to put them back on in the future.

Step 1

Unzip any upholstery zippers or attachments on the arm rests and pull off the leather or fabric covering them.

Step 2

Unscrew the set screws at the seat back and arm rest meeting point. When the fabric is removed, the screws will be exposed.

Step 3

Place the screws in a small plastic bag or cup. Gently pry the arm rest off the seat back. There may be stickiness due to grime and grit accumulation. Gently pull the arm straight out until it pops off the attachment rod.

Step 4

Place the arm rest with the screws. Cover the attachment rod with soft fabric or duct tape to prevent cuts or tears to clothing.

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