How to Remodel a Travel Trailer Interior

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Camping with trailers is a carefree and frugal way for a family to spend quality time together and enjoy Mother Nature. After a number of years of trucking the camper out to the woods weekend after weekend, though, it likely is time to give the trailer a facelift. Renovating the inside of your family trailer is an efficient way to bring some new life into your home away from home.

Remove the beds, cabinets and any appliances that are installed inside the trailer. Once these items have been removed, rip up the old carpeting that is in the camper. Replace the carpeting with heavy duty vinyl flooring. This will be easy to clean and maintain, and it will give you some contemporary colors to work with.

Refinish the cabinetry in the camper. Sand it down and re-stain the wood using the same color stain as before, or paint it with a new color that will accent the colors in your new floor.

Recover or reupholster the furniture. This will go a long way to giving your family camper an entire new look. It can be a little expensive to have it done professionally, but once done your camper will look like new.

Install new appliances and a flat screen TV to replace the old television. The flat screen will save valuable space inside the trailer, and add to the sense that it is new.


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