How to Remodel a Camper

Since campers can span many decades and provide plenty of camping fun, a good remodel project will do wonders to spruce up your camper and give a new feeling. Remodeling a camper can be a simple or complex task. Start with a simple remodel project that entails changing out the old, outdated items for new ones. Your best resource will be your local RV supply center and awning shop.

First update all of the cushions, including the beds, sofas and eating area cushions. For the best results, use awning fabric. It is incredibly durable, easy to clean and comes in some bright cheery colors. Bring your old cushions to an awning store to see if they will make cushion covers for you. In a lot of cases, you will be able to add more "cush" to your cushions by adding additional foam.

Selecting a sold color for the cushions and a color that will stand the test of time, such as blues or tans. Once you've done that ask the seamstress for a fabric swatch. Take that to your favorite fabric store and pick out fabric for curtains and pillows. At most fabric stores you can pick up pillow cores so that you only have to sew a cover. To have your cushions serve double-duty, select pillow forms that are flat and can easily fit on a lawn chair. That way, when sitting outside, you can use your camper cushion to soften your seat on the lawn chair.

Use contact paper to spruce up the inside of the cabinets. Most contact paper is sold with a peel and stick back, making application simple. You can use regular paper to make a mold to trace over the contact paper so you know exactly where to cut the contact paper so that it fits inside the cabinets.

Finally, your RV supplies center will sell a wide range of trinkets for your camper from DC TVs to soap dispensers. Select items that suite your style and match your new decor.

You will be surprised how far a little fabric will go to update your camper. This simple remodel is easy and effective.

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