How to Register a Travel Trailer

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Registering a travel trailer is done through your state's Department of Motor Vehicles or equivalent. The process is much the same as registering an automobile, requiring title, proof of insurance and ID. Each state has its own form and particular rules for travel trailers. That said, the process follows the same formula for each state. You need to go to the DMV or bureau for the initial registration of the trailer.

Take the title or bill of sale (if the trailer was purchased new), proof of insurance and ID to your nearest DMV office. Request a form for travel trailer registration. Be sure you have the length of the trailer and type class.

Fill out the form completely. Turn the form over to the desk agent along with the documents. Pay the modest fee and receive a new title, registration and license plates for the trailer.

Install the license plates to the trailer according to your state's laws. Add the registration stickers to the plates as needed. Carry the registration form in the towing vehicle along with the insurance card.


  • If you have medical needs that allow you a handicapped license plate, bring medical documents proving your need.


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