How to Recycle Marine Batteries at AutoZone

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Recycling used batteries, whether for a car, boat or lawnmower, is an important part of being an environmentally responsible vehicle owner. Batteries contain toxic materials that can enter the environment if they are disposed of in regular landfills or allowed to rot in your yard or garage. A number of businesses recycle batteries, and your local AutoZone is one of them. You can take your old marine battery to any AutoZone location to be recycled.

Items you will need

  • Towel or tarp

Locate your local AutoZone store. You can do this by going to AutoZone's store locator (see Resources) and entering your city, state and ZIP code.

Remove the battery from your boat, wrap it in a towel or tarp and place it in the trunk or bed of your vehicle. Drive to your local AutoZone store.

Take your marine battery into the AutoZone store and tell the person behind the counter that you want to recycle it. There is no fee for this service. The employee will either take it from you or direct you to place it on their battery recycling cart. Leave the store knowing your battery will be properly recycled.


  • Do not to touch any fluids or corrosion that are coming from your battery.


  • Call your local AutoZone to make sure they are able to accept your battery before driving there with your battery.
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