How to Copy Navionics Marine Charts

How to Copy Navionics Marine Charts

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Navionics makes a series of electronic nautical charts for almost every region on the globe. Entire regions of charts are compressed onto AD, CF or Microdrive cards to be used with your navigation device. These charts are compatible with Mac and PC interfaces, and the Platinum series allows you to copy the chart to transfer between systems and navigation devices. Navionics does not allow copying for mass distribution; it allows the copying between personal computers and your boat's electronic marine devices.

Items you will need

  • Computer and printer

  • SD card reader with USB cable

  • Navionics Platinum NavPlanner Maps on SD

Insert the USB plug from the SD card reader into the USB port on your PC. Insert the Navionics Platinum NavPlanner SD card into the reader and turn the computer on.

Open the SD card contents and select the chart you wish to copy to the computer and then to your navigation device. Follow the menu prompts and select "Export." Allow the data transfer to take place to your computer's hard drive.

Find the copy of the chart transferred to your computer, using your finder. Open the chart in your computer's chart or navigation software.


  • An electronic chart should be in addition to paper charts. Do not rely on the electronic chart for your only source of navigation information.
  • Copies made cannot be transferred to another SD, CF or microSD card. Copies must remain on your computer.
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