How to Rebuild the Bathroom in a Travel Trailer

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Rebuilding the bathroom in a travel trailer is a challenging task that requires lots of work and more than a little expense. Taking accurate measurements is vital to prevent costly mistakes. Thoroughness is vital: Hidden damage can increase the cost of the rebuild and the time needed to finish it. Rotting wood, insects, rodents, and moldy insulation are the most common types of hidden problems. Whatever your budget, it's a good idea to add 25 percent as a cushion to cover the costs of fixing problems that may be hidden until you start working.

Measure all walls, shower enclosure, sink, sink cabinet and toilet with a tape measure. Also measure any other cabinets. Take measurements of the window and ceiling vent. Write down all measurements on paper. Make a diagram on graph paper if you think it will be useful.

Disconnect the propane tanks, auxiliary power and generator. Run all faucets to remove any standing water. If the black and gray water tanks are full, flush them before proceeding.

Disconnect all water hoses from the sink. Disconnect the pipe or hose to the gray water tank.

Remove the sink and sink cabinet from the bathroom. The cabinet is held in place with bolts going into the wall. Remove the bolts or cut them with a reciprocating saw if necessary. Remove other cabinetry in the same manner.

Remove the toilet by loosening the bolts that are holding it to the floor. Lift the toilet off of the flange assembly, then remove the flange assembly.

Disconnect the shower from the fresh water supply. Disconnect the shower drain from the gray water tank. Using a pry bar, remove the shower unit from the bathroom.

Remove the flooring. Using a floor scraper, scrape the old tile or linoleum off the floor--start at the far end of the room and work toward the door for ease of cleanup.

Vacuum the empty bathroom to remove all dirt, dust and debris.

Purchase a new RV toilet, shower and sink. Purchase enough peel and stick tile to cover the entire bathroom floor.

Check the walls, ceiling and flooring for soft areas indicating possible rot or damage. Remove suspect areas and replace the material as required.

Add insulation to the ceiling, walls and floors. Remove panels to install insulation. Replace all panels with new ones.

Draw a chalk line down the center of the room. Start placing the peel and stick tiles in the center and work out toward the walls, ending at the entrance to the bathroom. Allow the tiles to set for 24 hours before proceeding.

Install the new shower, toilet, sink and cabinets. Start with the item you removed last and continue to the first item removed. Add new shower curtain.

Reconnect the propane tanks, water and electricity. Test all systems to ensure correct installation. Check for any signs of leaking in the bathroom and under the travel trailer.


  • Compost toilets and incinerating toilets have different removal procedures. As these are less common; check with the owner's manual for proper removal and installation.


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