How to Read Go Kart Tire Sizes

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You feel a go kart's tight turn in your whole body, leaning into the corner with the adrenaline of the race. Kids feel it on family fun days and serious racers feel it during competition. It's what keeps everyone coming back to the track. But to get that wheel-squealing intensity, you need the right size tires.

Three Numbers

Check the tire's side wall. The size will be marked as a three-number set separated by an 'x' and then a '-', such as 10.5 x 5.25-4. Each number is a measurement in inches. The first number lists the total height of the tire -- in this case 10.5 inches. The second number, listed here as 5.25 inches, refers to the width of the tire. The last number is the diameter of the rim, shown here as 4 inches. The proper tire pressure should be marked near the tire size and usually ranges between 11 and 23 psi.

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