How to Find My Boat Model

How to Find My Boat Model

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If you've just purchased a new boat and plan to make some modifications, you might need to know the model of your boat. This bit of information gains importance when you discover that you have the one model produced by the manufacturer that doesn't use the same parts as every other model produced by that boat builder. This might be the reason you got such a deal, but with a bit of investigation, you can discover a lot of information about your new toy.

Step into your boat. Move to the stern (back) of the boat.

On the transom (the back wall), there is a plate called the "NMMA Capacity Plate." This stands for National Marine Manufacturers Association. The plate is usually located to one side of the transom, rather than in the center.

Read the NMMA plate. It tells you the name of the manufacturer, the maximum horsepower your boat is designed for, the number of passengers your boat will carry, your boat's hull number. On the left side of the plate, about half-way down the plate, you will find the model of your boat.


  • Remember, while the NMMA plate tells you the maximum horsepower rating--the largest motor--your boat's hull was designed to work with, the plate doesn't give you any information about the motor itself.
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