Queen Knife Identification

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The Queen Cutlery Company makes fine antique style folding and fixed blade knives using high quality materials. The knives are handmade on a large factory scale in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Vintage and contemporary Queen knives are easily identified.


Queen Cutlery's origins began with Schatt & Morgan Cutlery, founded in 1890, and moved to Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1895. Queen Cutlery is still in the original factory building and uses some of the old Schatt & Morgan equipment, tooling and processes to make their knives.

Modern Knives

Identification of modern and contemporary Queen knives is easily done by their large blade etched company logo reading: Queen Cutlery Co. Their symbol of a crown atop a Q with a knife blade through it is stamped onto a circular metal badge embedded in the handle. Sometimes they're stamped and etched S & M for Schatt & Morgan.

Vintage Knives

Older Queen knives are identified by the Queen name and knife model number etched onto the blade and by a company tang stamp at the base of the blade. The stamps read: Queen City, or were the crowned Q with a knife blade design logo. For a few years they didn't use the stamp, just the blade etch.

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