How to Put the Paddle on a Blackhawk Serpa

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Blackhawk produces equipment designed for law enforcement and military personnel. The company has a focus on weapon containment, transportation and use that includes holsters. The Serpa is a molded design holster designed to fit a range of tactical handguns. The Serpa holster is designed with a paddle that fits inside the waistband of a pair of pants to securely hold holster and weapon in place.

Items you will need

  • Serpa holster

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Blade screwdriver or coin

Remove a handgun from the Serpa holster before starting work. Carefully remove the weapon keeping your finger away from the trigger. Remove the magazine from the handgun and check the firing chamber to make the weapon safe.

Turn the holster over so the back is accessible. Hold the paddle attachment to the back of the holster to determine the desired mounting location.

Line up the three holes on the paddle with the mounting holes in the back of the holster. Choose a position that will allow for comfortable wearing and convenient access to the handgun.

Install the three Phillips head screws included with the holster. Drive the screws with a Phillips head screwdriver and tighten securely.

Slide your belt between the paddle and Serpa holster. Insert one belt hook into the slot on left and right side of the paddle. Turn the hook sideways, push through the slot and slide the hook over the bottom of the belt. Turn the hook with a blade screwdriver or coin edge to lock it in place.