The Pros and Cons of a Slide-in Camper

by Mike Thurau

A slide-in camper can be attached to and removed from the body of a flat-bed pickup. This type of camper comes with certain advantages and disadvantages, mostly relating to its small size.


The slide-in camper is a suitable choice for a camping trip involving up to two people. It also is quite affordable, compared with other forms of mobile camping homes such as RVs. The primary advantage of slide-in campers is that it doesn't need to be the only form of shelter you bring because it attaches directly to the truck, leaving the trailer hitch free. Also, some of the newer models have all the amenities of an RV.


The disadvantage of the slide-in RV is its small size. If you plan on traveling with a large group of people, this camper is not for you. Furthermore, these campers put a lot of extra weight on your truck's axles.


Weighing the pros and cons of the slide-in camper is really just a matter of deciding what your intentions are. How long you plan on staying staying, how many people you are traveling with, and how much strain can your truck's axles handle are all factors that need to be considered with using this model of camper.

About the Author

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