Problems With Lance Campers

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Lance Camper produces a line of travel and truck campers. The campers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, running in size from 16 to 27 feet, with some models offering side "slide outs" to increase the living space of the trailer. As with most manufactured products, Lance Camper models have had some problems. The company issued a recall in 2005. A number of owners indicate their campers work well, while others find theirs do not and the company difficult to deal with.


Leaks coming from windows, doors, corner joins, side to roof joins and through screw holes seem to be among the most common complaints about Lance Camper. When water starts to leak to the interior of a camper, it can affect the electrical components. If left unchecked, this can be the start of mold and mildew forming inside the walls of the trailer.

Electrical Short - Recall

In 2005, the company recalled 3,303 of their 2003 to 2004 campers that were equipped with particular microwave ovens. The devices were produced with defective panels that were causing electrical shorts. It was reported that this short could cause the microwave to activate without any buttons being pressed.

Structural Problems - Slide out

Some owners report Lance Camper models buckling close to where their slide-out option (on the side of the camper) is located. In some instances, this has caused the siding to crack. Some observers suggest that a number of these problems with the slide are related to the frame of the camper being made of wood.

Construction and Build Quality

Many owners report poor design and quality in the final construction of the campers. In a number of instances, owners report ongoing plumbing problems from drainage tanks filling up very quickly to campers that are rotting from the inside out because they are made of wood.

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