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An ATV meant strictly for off-road use, the Xplorer 400 was made by Minnesota-based Polaris, which also has a line of other sports vehicles including snowmobiles and personal watercraft. As of 2014, the average retail value of a Polaris Xplorer 400 made in 2002, the last year of manufacture, was $1,630, according to the National Automobile Dealer's Association guide.


The 4-cycle, single-cylinder engine of the Xplorer 400 displaces 378 cc. The liquid-cooled, oil-injected power plant has a compression ratio of 6.9 to 1 and is equipped with a Mikuni carburetor. Bore and stroke are 3.16 inches (83 mm) and 2.75 inches (70 mm) respectively. The oil capacity of the ATV is 2 quarts, and its coolant capacity tops out at 2.25 quarts. The gas tank holds 4 gallons.


The 81-inch-long Xplorer 400 is 47 inches high and 46 inches wide with a wheelbase of 49.75 inches. The vehicle's seat is placed at a height of 34 inches. Ground clearance is 7.5 inches and the ATV can turn in a radius of 65 inches. The Xplorer 400's dry weight is 588 pounds. Load capacity in the front is 90 pounds and 180 pounds in the rear.


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