How to Pan for Gems in Pennsylvania

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Some of Pennsylvania's natural wonders, its caverns and caves, are also sites for gemstone panning. Such caverns and caves are historical parks featuring numerous other activities, including cavern and wildlife tours, Halloween tours, petting zoos and other kids' activities. Pan for gems such as emeralds, amethysts, agate and jasper. Like prospectors from hundreds of years ago, you'll get to pan for gems that flow through large chutes of water. Some cave parks have the option to turn your found gems into jewelry.

Step 1

Research assorted Pennsylvania cavern and cave park sites to find the one nearest to you. Visit the parks as a day trip or plan the visit as a vacation activity, such as a visit to Crystal Cave, which is located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Penn's Cave and Wildlife Park in Centre Hall, Indian Caverns in Spruce Creek,and Indian Echo Caverns in Hummelstown; all include the opportunity to pan for gems.

Step 2

Research the gem panning option at each cave park. Also find out whether or not gemstone panning is open year round. Gem Mill Junction is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day at Indian Echo Caverns, while Indian Caverns offers a panning for gemstones and panning for arrowheads activity at their gift shop all year. Penn's Cave and Wildlife Park features gemstone panning at their visitor's center, which includes emeralds and arrowheads, also a year-round activity.

Step 3

Plan your park visit. Check the website of each cavern for any coupons or discounts codes. Tickets are also often cheaper when purchased online. Indian Echo Caverns.com offers a downloadable coupon on their ticket information page, while Indian Caves features a printable coupon option on their website. Find coupons for Crystal Cave on the Reading-Pottsville section of Entertainment.com.

Step 4

Print or write out directions and double check park hours.


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