How to Paint Aluminum Windows

If you want to change the appearance of your home, one way to do so is to paint the window frames. Even aluminum frames can be painted to look like new. Painting these frames will also help protect the aluminum from oxidation caused by prolonged exposure to the air.

Wash all aluminum window frames before applying primer or paint. Mix powered soap with warm water. Use heavy-duty cloths to clean the window frames. Remove dirt, loose paint and other debris thoroughly. Allow window frames to dry for at least 48 hours.

Mix 1 pint of paint thinner to 1 gallon of oil-based metal primer. Use painter's tape to protect the siding of your home. Tape around all frames before applying primer. Place drop cloths underneath windows to prevent primer from discoloring grass or concrete walkways.

Apply one coat of primer using a paint brush. Allow primer to dry overnight to ensure that is it completely dry. Apply primer on a sunny day to speed the drying process.

Paint the aluminum window frames with acrylic latex exterior house paint within 48 hours of applying primer. Follow the directions for the paint to apply the proper number of coats. Use drop cloths to prevent spills.

Allow paint to dry. This could take several days depending on the weather and the number of coats applied. Remove painter's tape only after paint is dry.


  • Do not use a latex primer to paint aluminum. Most latex primers contain ammonia that causes aluminum to oxidize. This can cause tiny bubbles to form and ruin your paint job.


  • For a long lasting effect, choose a paint that's high in acrylic paint resin.

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