Ozark Trail Family Pentagonal Dome Tent Setup Instructions

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Ozark Trail tents are made by Northpole, a giant manufacturer that produces tents under many brand names. The Ozark Trail brand is sold by the retailing giant Walmart. Ozark Trail offers a variety of dome tents, including a large family tent that will accommodate four to six people. Assembly of the larger Ozark Trail tents is not overly difficult but requires at least two people. It is best to set up your Ozark Trail tent at home before you head on a camping trip, to make sure you have all the parts and understand the process.

Items you will need

  • Tent

  • Hammer or mallet

Pick a smooth, level site and lay out your Ozark Trail tent. Make sure there is enough room and clear the area of rocks and debris. Confirm you have all the parts. Set the poles aside temporarily, where they will be out of the way but easy to reach. Then spread the tent out with the door unzipped.

Install the main poles. Fold them out carefully to avoid snapping the shock cording and make sure each pole segment is fully seated into the next section. Slide a pole through one of the center sleeves and inset the end into one of the five center hub openings. Repeat this for the other four poles. Then gently flex the poles into an arch and secure opposite ends into pin rings at the base of the tent. Make sure tent fabric is evenly distributed and does not snag on pole joints, which could tear fabric or break poles. Then snap quick clips on the tent body over each pole to shape the tent.

Install side poles and rain fly. Side poles install just like main poles--slide them into place in the appropriate sleeves and secure them with quick clips and pin rings. Place a rain fly pole through the rain fly sleeve and drape it pole-side down over the tent with the pole centered over the tent door. Connect S-hooks on the fly to loops on the tent and use nylon fasteners at each corner to secure the fly to tent poles. Then check that tent fabric is evenly distributed and the tent is secure.

Stake the tent. The final step is staking the tent to the ground. Drive stakes through all the pin rings and fabric loops around the base of the tent.


  • Some tents come with gear lofts, cup holders and other accessories. Install these after the tent is erected; there should be specific directions in the tent manual.
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