How to Find Out What Kind of Shotgun I Have

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Not only can you see old and brand-new guns at gun collecting and trade shows, you also can get your gun identified. Shotguns are one type of gun that all look very similar. Shotguns usually have the brand symbol on the rear barrel and the model number on the back of the gun handle stock. Taking your shotgun to an experienced gunsmith or a gun trade show is the best bet to find the brand and make of any gun. But also can try to find the brand symbol and model number yourself.

Items you will need

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Rag

Polish the entire gun barrel and stock with a dry rag to remove any debris or rust covering the shotgun identification.

Locate the trigger on the top back part of your gun. Look on both sides of the gun, directly under the trigger. This is where almost every shotgun manufacturer places the shotgun brand seal.

Turn the butt of the shotgun handle stock toward you. Look for a thin steel plate tacked to the rear of the handle with the shotgun brand name and the model number on it.

If the numbers are hard to read, place a piece of paper over the steel plate and scratch the pencil back and forth on its side to reveal the numbers. Read the shotgun brand name and the model number.

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