How to Operate a Joe Blow Bike Pump

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The Joe Blow refers to a signature model of floor pump from the Topeak cycling company. The Joe Blow bike pump can adapt to both Presta and Schrader tire valves. According to Bicycle Tutor, Schrader valves remain the most common type and are found on bikes with wide rims. High-end road cycles often feature thinner rims with Presta tire valves. Utilize the Joe Blow pump to ensure your bicycle tires remain at a proper level of inflation. The Joe Blow needle attachment allows you to inflate various designs of sport balls.

Locate the air valves protruding from the metallic wheels of your bicycle tires. Remove the caps to determine if you have Presta or Schrader valves. Place your thumb and forefinger around the lock nut of your Presta valves. Rotate the nut in a counterclockwise motion. Lower the base of the Joe Blow pump onto the ground beside your bicycle.

Examine the Twin Head of your Joe Blow pump to locate the Presta adapter. Place the correlating head over your Presta valve. Lower the yellow lever to lock the head onto the valve. Pull up on the handle of the Joe Blow pump. Push down on the handle to pump air into your tires.

Locate the Schrader valve adapter on the Twin Head. Place the corresponding head over the stem of your Schrader valve. Lower the yellow lever to lock the head in place. Utilize the Joe Blow handle to pump air into your bicycle tires. Refasten the caps of your air valves before cycling.

Place the base of the needle attachment into the Schrader adapter of the Twin Head. Rotate the needle in a clockwise direction to fasten it to the head. Insert the needle into the circular valve of your sports ball. Use the handle of the Joe Blow pump to inflate the ball.