Schwinn Air Driver 1100 Instructions

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In addition to its bicycle line, Schwinn produces a series of bicycle accessories. Included in its product line is the Air Driver series of bicycle pumps. The Air Driver 1100 is a multi-function pump, able to switch between Schrader and Presta style inner tube valves. The Air Driver has a lock down flip switch that secures the pump nozzle to the inner tube valve.

Schrader Valve

Unscrew the inner tube's Schrader valve cap and remove. Schrader valves are wide and have a small metal pin in the middle of the valve. Look at the Air Driver's dual sided nozzle and find the wider of the two settings. This is the Schrader setting for the Air Driver pump.

Push the Schrader nozzle of the pump onto the Schrader valve. Push hard to get the middle pin on the tube's valve pushed down to allow air flow into the tube. Flip the Air Driver lock switch found on the top of the dual sided nozzle up to lock the pump nozzle onto the inner tube valve.

Pull the Air Driver pump handle up and push down until the gauge on the pump reads the needed PSI for your inner tube. Flip the lock switch down and pull the nozzle off the valve. Screw the valve cap back onto the inner tube.

Presta Valve

Unscrew to cap on the Presta valve of the inner tube. Unscrew the metal tip on the Presta valve and pull it up to make the Presta valve ready for air flow.

Grab the Air Driver dual side pump nozzle and find the narrow side of the nozzle. This is the Presta nozzle. Press the Presta nozzle onto the inner tube's Presta valve and flip the lock switch to the up and locked position.

Pump the handle up and down until the Air Driver gauge indicates your desired PSI for the inner tube. Flip the lock switch down.

Pull the nozzle up and off the Presta valve quickly and firmly. The key with removing a Presta nozzle from the valve is to pull it off quickly and then screw the Presta valve metal tip back into the valve itself. Screw the valve cap back on.

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