How to Operate a Cougar Dart Board

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Cougar is a new electronic dart board used in bars and game rooms. The Cougar 8 is one of the newest electronic dart machines and is played quite differently from the standard dart games like 501, 301 and cricket. Cougar dart games have their own separate rules and scoring systems.

Put the needed amount of money in the machine.

Throw your darts like you normally would. The Cougar 8 will keep track of how long it takes you to shoot and give you a handicap accordingly.

Depending on the player's skill level, time points will be given or subtracted by the Cougar 8's computer, "Honest Ernie."

When it is your turn, the computer will pick a random target for the player to shoot at.

If the player hits his target, he will be given that score. If the player misses the target, his score will be cut in half.

After nine rounds, the player with the most points is the winner.


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