Old Wenzel Tent Assembly Instructions

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Old Wenzel offers outdoor equipment including camping tents, headlamps, sleeping bags and air mattresses. The firm manufactures day-tents, and those used for overnight excursions. The company's signature tents feature a removable rain fly, and a ventilated roof made from lightweight mesh. The shock-corded poles of the Old Wenzel camping tent are of fiberglass construction. Family-style tents sleep up to nine individuals.

Items you will need

  • Rubber mallet

Remove the fabric body of your Old Wenzel tent from its corresponding duffel bag. Unroll the tent across a patch of level ground. Remove the fiberglass poles from the carrying case.

Connect the disassembled pieces of the fiberglass tent poles. Insert one pole through each of the pockets on the tent's body. Align the ends of the poles in the straps at the base of the tent.

Rotate the tent until until the zippered door faces the campfire. Insert one stake through each of the straps located at the base of the tent. Hammer the stakes into the ground; use the rubber mallet.

Construct the smaller pole that corresponds with the rain fly. Insert the pole through the pockets of the rain fly. Align the rain fly over the tent's mesh roof.

Extend the guy-lines of the rain fly away from your Old Wenzel tent. Insert one stake through each of the guy-lines. Hammer the stakes into the ground to secure the rain fly in place.