Obstacle Course Ideas for Schools

Obstacle Course Ideas for Schools

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Participating in obstacle courses is a way to challenge student's problem solving skills while providing exercise. It also helps students in developing leadership and teamwork. Creating a unique obstacle course on school grounds is a rather straightforward process. It's also possible to do so without spending a fortune in the process.

Tire Run

A tire run is one of the most basic challenges to add to an obstacle course. Setting one up involves placing a series of tires on the ground with one in front of the other. Students can then take turns running through the tires as quickly as possible without falling. Usually old tires can be found for free or for cheap at automobile dealerships or from mechanics.

Balance Beam

A balance beam is another classic obstacle that can be used in a variety of ways. Usually a wooden beam is placed four or five inches off the ground on top of small blocks. The length and width of the beam can vary, but a common width is 3 to 4 inches and a common length is 10 feet. For this obstacle, students should walk the entire distance of the beam, turn around and make it back to the start. To make it more difficult, you can also make it necessary for each student to carry a small paper cup of water to the end and drink it before walking back.

Barrel Vault

The barrel vault is an obstacle that will test a student's agility and jumping abilities. This is very easy to set up and involves placing a series of barrel on their sides in a sequence. Usually ten feet of space between each barrel is ideal. Then student's attempt to jump over each barrel in the sequence and make it to the other side. If barrels are unavailable, trash cans will also work. If this is too high, you can use track hurdles or buckets.

Jump Rope Relay

Creating a jump rope relay is a simple process that provides student's with plenty of exercise. For this obstacle, students should be divided up into separate teams. Each team has a jump rope that each member must jump through approximately 20 times. Once one member has completed 20 jumps, he tags in the next member and so on. The first team to completely finish wins the event.